Red's Personal Log- Transferred

File Name: “Transferred”
Author: Red

Just got word from the boss, looks like there’s been a change in the roster. Vern, Quint, Xerxes and Pullo have been assigned to another squad, while Titus and Thodinna have also been reassigned to another existing squad. Rasar and myself have been assigned to a newly created squad with few others that haven’t been named yet.

Even though I trust Sand without question I just hope that he knows what hes doing, I know when I was in the guard whenever we got a fresh batch of “F.N.G.’s” they were all pretty much red shirted. Hell I know on a few occasions I’ve been known to throw a few thrones into the pool betting on the how long the new guys would last or how they would even die in some cases. Morbid as it sounds it kept the morale “intact” in times where it really got tough. Well with Emperor’s grace who ever we get teamed up I just hope they don’t turn into walking bullet catchers.

Oh I’ve also been informed that I’ve been given the title “Legate Investigator”, Emperor only knows what that has in store with me. Probably more paperwork and more long winded debriefings from that wind bag Solomon. Even though he saved my hide from a few unpleasant experiences there’s something about him that makes me want to strap him to a boarding torpedo and fire it into the nearest warp storm. heh….

+++End Session+++

Red's Personal Log- Transferred

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