"Rising Sun"

Three random individuals have been sent to an unknown facility and meet a shadowy individual that tells them his name is Solomon Gann. Solomon tells them that due to their “special talents,” they have been selected as recruits for work of an unusual nature. This work has the potential to be extremely dangerous, but will benefit the survival of the Imperium and Humanity.

Not quite sure what this means, but accepting Solomon’s offer, the Recruits, now codenamed- “the Phobos Unit,” find themselves on board the Imperial Cobra-class destroyer, the “Invivos”, with orders to rendevous with the mysterious space hulk, the “Rising Sun,” which has recently been detected near the Vaxanide System. The “Rising Sun” has been lost in the Warp for several centuries and its last sighting was fifty years ago when it was observed by the Imperial Cobra-class destroyer, the “Anglius II”-both of which have since disappeared for reasons unknown.

Upon arrival in the Vaxanide System, and to the surprise of the “Invivos’” crew, the “Rising Sun” is present, as well as the “Anglius II” which appears to have merged with the hull of the space hulk- a product of a suicidal ramming manuver. With orders to retrieve the “Anglius II” Captain’s Logs, the Recruits load up on an Imperial Lander and are transported to the docking bay of the “Anglius II” where they begin their investigation into the ship’s interior.

It soon becomes apparent that the “Anglius II” is not deserted and the ship’s time in the Warp has corrupted its crew members who are now living dead that only have motivation to kill the living. The Recruits fight their way through several zombie infested corridors and rooms and manage to locate and retrieve the Captain’s Logs.

A review of these Logs show a grim picture describing the last moments of the “Anglius II” as its doomed crew realize that something on the “Rising Sun” has infected the crew and in a final act of sacrifice, the Captain orders the “Anglius II” to ram the “Rising Sun” while initiating a Warp-jump which successfully sends both ships to the Warp.

Escaping with the Captain’s Logs back to the “Invivos,” the Recruits are subjected to a twenty-four hour Observation and Quarantine period to ensure that they are free of taint and infection. The final status of the “Rising Sun” and the “Anglius II” is unknown.

Further inquires must be directed to Section BG-97433HG under research authority of Adept Philologia Moror [x-reference “Rising Sun” x-reference “Anglius II”] of the Tricorn.

"Rising Sun"

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