Run Rabbit Run

  • +++++++Transmitted: The Pale Sepulchre
  • +++++++++Received: Astropath Darizus…Cipher Gamma43-AH
  • +++++++Transmitted: Scintilla…Cipher Gamma8
  • +++++++++Received: Morwen VI- Hippocrasian Agglomeration
  • ++++++Mission Time: 8 206 832.M41
  • ++++Telepathic Duct: Terminus Fulber
  • +++++++++++++Ref: Scouting Team/Progress Report/454228254/HC
  • +++++++++++Author: Inquisitor Sand

Thought For the Day: “To Question is to Doubt”

“It was a trap My Lord…

The bare and bleak conditions that I find myself in on this mortuary-ship surrounded by the dead serves as an appropriate backdrop for the mood that I feel following the events that have taken place since Kenov III. These travel arrangements have become a necessary precaution since I have become aware of a number assassination plots that have been hatched against me by person(s) unknown.

Never had I thought that Gaul would move so fast to disrupt my investigation- alas, I did not even know that he was aware that I was onto his network. Most puzzling of all is this Inquisitor Xill. It is unknown how he is a part of this plot. Is he an associate of Gaul? Or does his involvement just happen to be happenstance because of the connections that Gaul has with the Ordo Xenos?

The mission to investigate Kenov III was a trap. My Acolytes were able to determine that heretical experiments with Tyranid organisms were taking place in a secret facility locate there but further attempts to investigate the ones responsible was suspended due to the timely arrival of Inquisitor Xill and the arrest of my team. Of course my team is innocent of the charges that were brought against them and I decided, though it may have been a rash move, that freeing them was the best course of action to continue since they possessed the most recent Intelligence available.

I still feel that this was the best course of action. The false accusations implicating me in some type of conspiracy that have risen since the Kenov III incident has placed me and my men under great scrutiny and the infrastructure of my agents and resources have been placed under great strain. I do not have many reliable agents left and with the recent lost of Acolyte Strang to Logician Agents on Scintilla and the unknown whereabouts of Acolyte Artandis during the investigation of a possible Chaos cult, my ability to continue in my primary mission has been hampered.

Despite these losses and setbacks, be assured that I have not faltered in the mission, and have instead only strengthened in my resolve to finish the task I have been assigned. Though I will try to update you as much as possible, I will be operating under the terms of Special Condition status and my future communications will be infrequent at best. I will keep faith with the Emperor and the faction.

Your friend and servant,

Gramen Sand

Run Rabbit Run

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