The Edge of Hubris

Deep within the bowels of the Adeptus Mechanicus ship the Machinations of Man, Inquisitor Sand and Magos Genator Faust strode down the long metallic corridor leading to Faust’s personal workshop. Circling overhead were two of Sand’s servo-skulls while behind strode Red, the Inquisitor’s stoic and silent Crusader bodyguard. Trailing behind Red, and equally stoic and silent, were two of Faust’s crimson-robed Skitarii guards- their massive vat-muscled forms filling the corridor and their armored steps echoing the group’s progress.

Far into the secured area of the ship with redundant forms of security measures and anti-surveillance devices (including those to prevent psychic spying) in place, no one heard the conversation taking place but those present. This was fortunate for those involved because the ideas being discussed would surely get them sanctioned by all but the most open-minded in the Imperium- with death being the most likely form of punishment.

Held in the claws of one of his many mechandrites, Faust studied the data-slate that Sand had provided since their entrance into this corridor. Equations and diagrams blurred across the screen as the Magos sifted though and analyzed the data with his enhanced intellect- each piece of data was evaluated, tagged and stored in memory for future reference.

Sand studied his comrade’s progress and despite lacking the various cybernetic enhancements of his friend, he was still able to ascertain Faust’s location in the sorted research data by the equation or diagram that briefly flashed across the screen. “You see that my research supports what appears to be plausible theory. The Emperor is the most powerful psyker that our species has ever known and thus a more than suitable candidate for the transfer.”

“On paper yes, but all is not so simple when dealing with unknown variables- particularly of the Xenos sort,” the Magos replied still studying the data-slate. “Though unheard of amongst the general Intelligentsia, I have heard of one other, an Inquisitor in fact, that has proposed and supported such a theory. Sad to say that he was never given the opportunity for further research, or to prove his findings, due to some of his more conservative peers declaring him excommunicate traitoris.”

‘I am familiar with the work of whom you speak of, and his outcome has shown me that precautions are a necessity. His downfall was the involvement of too many and including those most likely to fear and sanction such an undertaking. I chose to proceed on this path with caution at first- outside of prying eyes, deep in the Koronus Expanse. This is why the Arcadia project was so important, and why it was pushed to existence. Now I have a method to search out the information and resources that I need to prove this theory. Deep in the Koronus Expanse under a Warrant of Trade, my work should be safe from all but the most prying of eyes.’

‘It is these prying eyes that have me concerned. Your work will eventually be discovered, that, there is no doubt, but how much you have accomplished before this happens is what matters. I believe that it is safe to deduce that once discovered, your research efforts will cease and your life will most likely be forfeit, or saved only by how much you can stay ahead of your persecutors execution squads.’

‘That, my friend, is a chance I must take for the survival of our God-Emperor and thus the survival of humanity.’

The Edge of Hubris

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