The Logicians

The Logicians are a heretical tech-cult that is known to mainly operate in the Calixis Sector. This organization did not form through either a dark religion or a charismatic leader but instead gained popularity by individuals who managed to secure the forbidden, as well as heretical, text known as “In Defence of the Future: A Logical Discourse” which had been banned for millennia. Its members consider themselves to be a progressive cult who favour the advancement of mankind through progress as well as the acquisition of technology. They further believe that they need to cast off the oppression of the Adeptus Ministorum, overthrow the rule of the High Lords of Terra and end the constraints imposed by the Adeptus Mechanicus. This is because the Logicians ultimate aim is to bring back the great power Mankind held during the mythic times of the Dark Age of Technology.They are known to find disciples through a secret network of ruthless mercantile interests as well as by powerhungry nobles. In addition, the ranks of the Logicians prove to be a safe haven for Hereteks and rogue Techpriests. Whilst there exists no Daemonic force within this heretical organization or an apocalyptic plan, they are still noted as being a dangerous group. Their infamous actions have led them to becmoe utterly callous in the pursuit of power as well as the never ending search for better tools as well as weapons through which they can achieve their goals.

The Logicians and the Current Campaign

Inquisitor Sand has a great interest in forbidden and unorthodox technology, and it is no surprise that the Inquisitor and his Acolytes have investigated, and stopped, several of the Logicians’ plots. On the Sector home world of Scintilla, in Hive Sibelleus, a faction of the Logicians were discovered conducting mind-control experiments on unsuspecting citizens in the Corscala District. The operation on Sibelleus was stopped, and their facility destroyed, but it is apparent that the Logicians are still pursuing the perfecting of this mind-control process as additional specimens were discovered during the Inquisition’s investigation of ship called the “Wanderlust,” which was responsible for the successful attack on an Imperial Navy Cruiser and the subsequent theft of an Exterminatus Weapon which was hidden aboard the cruiser (the Exterminatus weapon has still not been recovered). Most recently, on the mining world of Pellicuda IX, the Logicians were discovered being involved in a plot to sustain the life of a believed dead noble man, Sabent Culden, by the transplanting of organs from his extended family members (who were killed for their donations). Sabent was the destroyed, as well as the Logician facility, and the purpose for this experiment is still unknown at this time.

During an investigation at the House of Dust and Ash, acolytes of Red Cell disovered that the Logicians were interested in acquiring one of Haarlock’s items- the Greyskin Psalter but were thwarted in their efforts by various competing factions. The reasons for Logician interest in this item is unknown at this time.

The Logicians

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