The Omega Vault Opens...

Fifty-six years ago the Omega Vault briefly opened a chamber that contained a single room with a single piece of parchment held in a stasis field. The parchment contained the following message written in High Gothic:

“The Emperor watches from afar from his Throne. Unable to speak, his words can still be heard in those who believe. Sisters of Battle heed my warning! One of you will need to tread the path to prevent the fall of the Reach. The dead sun lights the way but the blind do not see!”

The author of the passage is unknown but the parchment was quite old and analysis places its writing style and carbon dating of the parchment itself during the time right before the Horus Heresy. Taking into account the time of its creation, it is unknown how its author is able to reference subject matter that would not have been around during the time of its writing. The Jericho Reach was indeed known, and under Imperial rule at this time, but the Sisters of Battle and references to the Emperor confined to the Golden Throne were events that had not yet transpired.

Unsure what to make of this development or the meaning of the message, the Deathwatch and Inquisition were at odds of what to do and many months of debate followed. What was eventually agreed upon was that the otherwise private operations of the Deathwatch and Ordo Xenos in the Jericho Reach Sector would have to enlist a member of the Adeptus Sororitas. But the Deathwatch and Inquisition were not yet ready to share control of their operations in the Sector with the Ecclesiarch or Ordo Hereticus so it was decided that a single Sister of Battle would be selected to be exposed to the Deathwatch and Ordo Xenos operations of Jericho Reach. The selected candidate would have to be a capable combatant but be a less experienced and, more importantly, less politically connected with the Ecclesiarchy and rival Imperial organizations of the Deathwatch and Ordo Xenos.

After a thorough and pain-staking process, it was agreed that a new Acolyte of Inquisitor Thaddeus Hakk was to be selected. Inquisitor Hakk was honored to have his Acolyte selected briefed his Acolytes on her new posting, which shifted her from being his immediate subordinate to under the authority of the current Inquisitor of the Chamber and the Master of the Watch.

Unsure what to do with their Sister of Battle, when there were highly trained Deathwatch Space Marines to send on missions, the Sister of Battle was sent on limited low-priority missions. A short time later, even these missions would cease as Inquisitor Hakk’s involvement in warp-seeing and study of proscribed topics would have him declared a Heretic and he disappeared with whereabouts unknown- a hunted man. His remaining Acolytes and servants were terminated or mind-wipe for use in other capacities but the Master of the Watch and Inquisitor of the Chamber could not permit the termination of his former Sister of Battle Acolyte due to the implications of the mysterious prophecy and the possible need for her later. It was decided that because of possible corruption due to her relation with Hakk, though she has not worked with him in a while, she would be placed into stasis until it was deemed that she would be needed. Moved around in secret to different facilities throughout the Reach Sector, she was aboard the “Foe Hammer” when it was intercepted by Tyranids.

The Omega Vault Opens...

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