The Patchwork Man

After Action Report: The Patchwork Man
Author: Quint

Inquisitor Sand sent me, Rasar, and Vern to a local planet called Pellicuda. We were supposed to be backing up the cogboy while he checked some sort of mutation that the ruling family had gotten. We were also supposed to be checking out ‘bout why ore shipments had dropped recently. Sand said he got told that might also be up to sumthin’ down there.

We got to Pellicuda, and had all these nobles there to greet us when we landed. We quickly learned that Lothar was dead a few days. The local Commander, Enette, and Lothar’s brother, Robute, worked real quick to get Vern set up doing an autopsy.

As Vern left to start looking at the body, Enette stopped me an’ Rasar to ask us for advice relating to the ore convoys. He said that the tribesmen who normally attacked the convoys had started attacking more often, and they were using better weapons an’ armour than normal, too. Right away, that sounded like the Logicians might be in the mess somehow to me.

Rasar an’ me, we came up with this plan to join one of the convoys, looking like normal guards. We left Vern an’ Pullo to do their work while we went out to do guard duty. The convoy wasn’t hit that day, but when we got to the spaceport, we found out that it had been attacked earlier. We didn’t think nothin’ of it at the time, but Vern said we should go check it out.

Later that night we arrived at the spaceport. Vern checked in with the gate guard, and got a copy of the access logs. Then we went searching around. Vern found signs of the explosives used. Last thing we did was go check out the place where the guards said there were a disturbance earlier. It took some searching, but I finally found what Vern called a ‘Null’ box. Said it was fairly common to transport sensitive items. Inside of the thing was covered in blood, so Vern took the box to analyze.

Vern also takes the time to fill us in on his results so far. It looks like Lothar died of the mutation, and that Roboute also has it. But Valia didn’t show up as having any signs of the mutation, but was definitely Lothar’s daughter.

The next day, we acted as guards again, but this time, we made sure two convoys got sent out, and we hitched a ride with the less protected convoy. We hear that the stronger convoy that left out ahead of us got hit while we were en route. When we pass the wreckage of the first convoy, Rasar jumps out, so I follow him.

While he’s trying to figure out where the tribesmen went, I’m seein’ that they didn’t actually take any of the ore, but it does look like they took somethin’ from the wreckage. I try to piece together the emperor-damned voxes to call Vern, but I can’t get them to work. Rasar tries to sound confident about finding tracks to follow, but I’m less than convinced, so I start heading us back to the mine.

Along the way, we get picked up by Vern and Enette in the aquila. We go and unsuccessfully look for signs of anything suspicious at the mine. When we get back to camp, Vern tells us that he found that the blood in the box was Lothar’s, and that when he went to check on the body, it had been cut up some more since he had been there. After a night of checking the logs for the spaceport and morgue, we come up with one name. Commander Enette was the only person who fit all the criteria to be behind all of this.

I task Vern with keeping an eye on Enette while Rasar and me go on another convoy tomorrow. This time, we tell Enette that we’ll be on the strong one, but when we get to the mine, we hop ship and go with the less protected convoy.

Sure enough, we get hit. I also had another null box with a tracking beacon hidden in this convoy. Figuring we’d be overwhelmed fast, I shot off a few rounds and then hid myself. Rasar had other ideas, though, and got on the ’Eavy Stubber and nearly singlehandedly foiled my plot to have them take the tracking beacon. When the tribesmen start retreating, I take off after them.

After a short scuffle with the rearguard, Rasar and me manage to follow them back to their camp. I run back to where the convoy was hit and use one of the voxes from the wrecked truck to call back to Vern to let him know we’d found it. He tells me that he had to kill Enette, and found signs of a brain control device in him. Me an’ Rasar hang out for the next day or so while Vern took care of mobilizing the troops. They arrive the next day, with Red in tow.

At dusk, we start our assault. While the PDF and house guard are assaulting, we notice that one of the buildings looks like a pre-fab bunker, with servitors around it. We take off running towards it as a group. We get there, and the servitors had disappeared, so I go to unlock the door. When I do that, one of the metal giants pops out from around the corner and opens up on me, but I’m able to dodge and weave my way clear. Then Red charges in, leaving me an’ Pullo to open the door.

When we do open the door, we’re met by this giant sack of sewn up flesh charging us. I don’t mind telling you, I nearly had to change pants when I saw him. I started dodging around the thing while he took swings at me. I had taken a few chunks out of him, but he was still up, when he finally hit me, hard enough to nearly kill me.

Luckily, he only knocked me out, and a little later, I’m coming ‘round to find Vern stabbing me with something that made me feel good. I get up and charge into the building, looking for blood now. I see Rasar fighting some woman, so I step up behind her and shoot her with my bolt pistol. Next thing I know, she disappears in an explosion, and I’m lyin’ down on the floor, on fire and just barely alive. After that, I pass out again.

I wake up to find that the building had exploded, but Rasar managed to get me an’ him out in time. The Techpriest that Red had been fighting didn’t survive, though. They were able to piece together that only the original head of the family had the mutation naturally, and that somehow everyone else got it from a drug therapy. Whoever was behind this had been using the dead family members to build their patchwork man.

We secured the area and waited for Sand to show up.

The Patchwork Man

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