The Serrated Query

Lead by a shadowy being known only as Eloeholth the Faceless, the Serrated Query appears to be a clandestine criminal organization that exists sorely for the purposes of making a profit without thought of morality or conscience. The group actively promotes conflicts throughout the Imperium, making proceeds by selling information and resources to all sides involved. The Serrated Query also engages in smuggling, drug trafficking, slavery, extortion and the movement of Xenos goods. The Serrated Query has been in existence for thousands of years and some in the Inquisition speculate that in order for the Serrated Query to still exist, despite several purge attempts to eradicate it, it must have ties to powerful organizations in the Imperium- possibly even the Inquisition.

The Serrated Query has been operating within the Calixis Sector for some time and there is little that the Calixian Conclave can do about it. One purging attempt by the Inquisition that took place years ago had successful progress but the operation was suddenly terminated for unknown reasons.

The Serrated Query and the Current Campaign

Inquisitor Sand and his Acolytes have had several run-ins with operations and agents of the Serrated Query. The first occurred on the planet of Scintilla where Acolytes of Cell:C2 discovered a cell of the Serrated Query, led by a man named Theodosia, using an Imperial Cult called the “Joyous Choir” as a front for a drug trafficking business in which psykers were made into a drug called “Farcosia.” Acolyte Strang (Red’s brother) died during the Acolytes’ attack on the cell’s hideout.

The Acolytes would again interact with an agent of the Serrated Query during the investigation of a spacehulk called “Twilight.” A rival Inquisition Cell working for Inquisitor Soldevan was also investigating the spacehulk and the two teams decided to work together. During a sudden attack by Dark Eldar from the Kabal of the Crimson Woe, one of Soldevan’s Acolytes, a man named Forden, revealed that he was a double agent working for the Serrated Query. Forden killed one of his teammates and was able to escape with the Dark Eldar (who had been employed by the Serrated Query) so that Forden could secure a copy of the sacred tome of the Grey Knights- the “Liber Daemonica.” Forden and the tome’s whereabouts are unknown.

Interestingly, an investigation on a moon of Granithor, lead to a secret agent of the Serrated Query who was also a high-ranking member of the Ecclesiarchy. This same investigation led to the recruitment of a borderline heretical Tech-Priest (Roche) to the cause of the Revivificators and it also lead to Intelligence on the the location of a major Serrated Query supply and distribution center on the planet of Fenksworld. This facilty and its staff was later taking down by a joint operation between local and Imperial authorities, including members of Deathwatch Kill-Team Kronus.

The Serrated Query

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