Titus Urgent Message 1


+++++++Transmitted: Scintilla
+++++++++Received: Astropath Mica
++++++++Destination: Tricorn- Acolyte Cell: C2 (selected members)
++++++Mission Time: 8 288 850.M41
++++Telepathic Duct: Terminus Vexen
+++++++++++++Ref: Ordo Hereticus/454228621/MB
+++++++++++Author: Inquisitor Sand

Thought For the Day: “Only the Awkward Question: Only the Foolish Ask Twice.”

Greetings Acolytes,

You are amongst only a handful of my Acolytes that I trust with the contents of this message which you are not to discuss with any one save myself. When the time is right, I trust that you will act accordingly and met out the justice that the Emperor expects from one of his loyal servants.

I have been receiving scattered reports concerning questionable activities of Acolyte Titus and while I am always concerned about the purity and faith of my Acolytes to our cause, it was not until my recent personal observations aboard the “Wanderlust” that I now have great cause for concern. Titus’ actions and behavior have displayed a lack of loyalty to the Emperor and the Inquisition and are insubordinate, criminal and borderline heretic on face value. It is true that Titus once served as a loyal servant to the Inquisition during his time under command of Inquisitor Volk in Cell:C2, but I believe that his activities following his disappearance on Malfi and subsequent re-appearance as a member of a Chaos Cult has tainted him so deep that the Mind-cleansing process was insufficient to completely destroy the taint that he was exposed to. Much of Titus’ personnel files (especially those concerning his time with the Chaos Cult) have been locked out to me by higher authority but the information that I have been able to gather leads me to believe that not only was Titus a member of this Khorne-worshipping cult, but also one of their leaders.

I believe that quality-control and taint inspection of Titus following the Mind-cleansing procedures were accurate in declaring him fit for Inquisition service, but I believe that with his continued exposure to the forces of Chaos on missions, as well as the possession, and use of the Khrone artifact (which I had since learned was a Khorne Bloodstone), I believe that the Mind-cleansed suppressed urges have been brought to the surface and are influencing Titus consciously or subconsciously. I suspect that the taint will gradually get worse and termination may be required though presently I have need of his services to complete this current investigation.

I ask that each of you watch Titus closely and report any questionable lapses in loyalty or unsanctioned behavior. Should Titus’ actions become a threat to the mission, the Inquisition or the stability of humanity I expect you to neutralize him. The Inquisition is not an organization of common criminals or heretics and to allow the enemy in our ranks is to de-stabilize all that we are fighting for.

Titus Urgent Message 1

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