To Khorne a Phrase

Well working for the inquisition is alot different then I thought. I figured a few gigs hunting down some criminals, maybe a miscreant or two but to come face to face with a spawn of Chaos. this line of work may be to much for me.

If i have learned anything from my people is that in the depth of the Void there is only cold silence and Chaos. My people are traditionally spiritualistic and VERY superstitious. I inherit these beliefs and know to ward myself agains all that is evil. the pendants I wear are said to protect me from the evils of Chaos but I fear they are not enough.

Recently in an effort to find a missing man I came face to face with a hound of Chaos and it nearly killed me. I thought for sure my life was at an end but it made a terrible mistake, thinking i was not worth killing and turned away from me. My father taught me never to leave a gift on the table. I made the creature pay for it’s mistake but I fear i may have brought the eye of Chaos upon me by doing so.

I will search for a matron to see if I can be blessed or at least tell me a portent of my future.
Until then I will trust that luck is with me and do my best to keep the evil at bay.

To Khorne a Phrase

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