Faith and Betrayal

"Bastion's Fall"

Enroute to the Threnos System the Acolytes are momentarily diverted to assist Trempan in the investigation of a heavily damage Imperial Navy battleship named the “Bastion.” These orders come straight from the Calixis Conclave itself. The ship was apparently lured into an ambush by a fake distress call from a merchant ship and lured into a dense mine field where it was subsequently attacked.

With its attackers long gone, the Imperial Navy has begun salvage and life-saving operations and the Acolytes are tasked with investigating the ship’s bridge and retrieving any sensitive information available. Boarding the treacherous vessel, which is still breaking apart, the Acolytes weave their way through the ship’s shattered infrastructure overcoming obstacles both environmental and human (in the form of the ship’s resident Gilliham population which is making its way up from the ship’s deteriorating lower decks to more stables ones) to make it to the ship’s bridge. There, they begin download the ship’s cogitators while fending off a huge horde of attacking Gilliham.

Successful in their mission, the Acolytes make a dramatic escape by jumping into the void of space to an awaiting Aquila shuttle to make their getaway. Back on the safety of their cruiser, a review of the downloaded data confirms the Inquisition’s suspicions and makes real the nightmare scenario- the cruiser was secretly carrying an Exterminatus weapon, a weapon which has now been taken by unknown persons for reasons unknown. This is the reason why the Inquisition was so interested in the salvage operation of an Imperial Navy ship. Priority for Trempan and his team is the location and retrieval of this weapon before it can be put to ill-use.

  • GM’s Note: This mission was ran with modifications from the adventure of the same name by Brian Rae. It can be found here:


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