Faith and Betrayal


Communication with the observation station on Mono-10 (one of the moons orbiting the planet of Orbel Quill) known as “Tiberon Station” has been lost for several months. The station, under the authority of the Ordo Xenos, has requested that Interrogator Sand send in a cell of Inquisitor Volk’s Acolytes to investigate the Station because they are the closet Inquisitorial asset available. Inquisitor Volk and Interrogator Sand agree, mainly due to the fact that the Station is run by one of Sand’s good friends, Inditor Karanov.

When the Acolytes arrive on Station they are shocked to discover that all the Station personnel are either dead or have been changed into by some type of animated existance of humanity with seemingly no intelligance or drive other than to kill anything that comes near them. This appears to be linked to some type of Xenos plant contamination. Two of Sand’s team, Guardsman Lupo and Tech-Priest Vern were contaminated, but only Vern survived the subsequent removal of the parasite. Karanov was not infected, but was found to have gone insane from his ordeal on the Station.

The rest of the Acolyte team were able to eliminate the possesed Station crew, but failed to locate the source of the infestation. Inquisitor Marcus Xill of the Ordo Xenos arrived on Station and took command of the operation. He ordered that Tiberon Station be destroyed from orbit and isolated the Acoltyes for quarantine and mission debriefing. The parasite was successfully removed from Tech-Priest Vern, but unfortunately, Guardsman Lupo died in the process of removing the parasite from his body.

Further information regarding Tiberon Station, Karanov, and the Infestation have been locked out for higher security clearances


++++Transmitted: Inquisitor XillLogo
++++++Received: Classified
++++Destination: Unknown
+++Mission Time: 8 211 850.M41
Telepathic Duct: Classified
++++++++Ref: OrdoXenos/454228291/HX
+++++++Author: Scribe Luite

Thought for the Day: “Defeat is never an option.”

The completion of my latest operation on Tiberon Station signals the end of this experimental phase of the Anphelion Project.

It was with great satisfaction that I signed the order for destruction of Tiberon Station. The facility has served its purpose well and valuable data was obtained that will undoubtedly prove important towards our continued research. The unfortunate sacrifice of the Station’s small staff of thirty personnel was a small, but necessary, price to pay in a war for Mankind’s very survival.

The involvement of Interrogator Sand was a small technicality that should not have any cause for concern. Quite the contrary, the data fresh data obtained from the specimens sampled from Sand’s investigation team prove quite valuable and gave much insight on how to correlate the rest of the data recovered.

Based on the analysis of the information obtained so far, I believe that we are prepared to move forward with the next phase of the Project.

  • GM’s Note: This mission was created by the GM and inspired by the X-Files television episode “Ice.”


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