Faith and Betrayal


“You clearly serve the Deus Mechanicus as I do. My work perfects the biological form for more effective integration with the holy mechanical.”

-Tech Priest Teoma Roche

Months after the completion of their daemonic investigation on the planet of Sinophia, the Acolytes of Cell: C2 are tasked by Inquisitor Sandto travel to the planet of Donaris, which is an orbiting moon above the Cemetery World of Granithor, where the Arbites have custody of a smuggler named Marcin. Marcin has ties to the powerful criminal organization known as the Serrated Query and Sand wants the Acolytes to interrogate Marcin about recent Query operations. The caveat is that both the local Adeptus Mechanicus and Ecclesiarchy officials are each citing jurisdiction on Marcin for Judgment and Punishment. And with both factions having Inquisition friends of their own, the Acolytes have the difficult task of interrogating Marcin and then finding a way to give both factions jurisdiction without giving either faction custody.

Upon arrival the scene is tense as both factions, with the Arbites and Acolytes in the middle, exchange verbal hostilities toward each other and it is only due to the announcement of Marcin’s escape that tensions pause to investigate the circumstances of his escape. Inspection of Marcin’s cell shows that something tunneled through the ground and into his cell and upon following the tunnel the Acolytes connect with the planet’s naturally-occurring rock fissures. Tracking their query results in the Acolytes being attacked by several high-quality near-heretical designed combat servitors (of a design that Inquisitor Sand and the Revivifactors would be interested in), as well as some of the aggressive natural fauna. The servitors are suspected in being involved in Marcin’s escape and Rasar is able to befriend a tribe of escaped humans that used to be indentured to the Adeptus Mechanicus. These refugees point Rasar and his comrades in the direction of the servitors and this trail leads to an elaborate research/production Mechanicus facility concealed in a mountain range.

After bypassing the facility’s remote sentry turrets and electronically locked doors, the Acolytes find the facility to be well-maintained and filled with devotional icons of the Omnissiah. While exploring the rooms and corridors, the Acolytes find a state of the artDh17 4 chapter 4 frontis matt bradbury 2 4 facility involved in the production of servitors which are constructed with an emphasis on utilizing flesh grafts and vat-grown muscled as opposed to the traditional use of metal and iron. At the facility’s landing bay, the Acolytes become involved in an intense battle with Ogryn servitors.

Eventually, the Acolytes come face-to-face with the master of the facility, Tech-Priest Teoma Roche, who has been ostracized by the Mechanicus due to his questionable research and experiments on servitors- experiments that the Acolytes discover have now rendered Marcin unusable as a source for information. Through some desperate negotiation and convincing, the Acolytes are able to persuade Roche to accompanying them to meet their Inquisitor and members of the Revivificators Faction. In order to protect Roche from reprisals from the Mechanicus, the Acolytes stage a scene using explosives, Roche’s DNA and spare servitor parts to create convince investigators to the facility that Roche had been killed in the attack. Meanwhile Roche was whisked away and the Acolytes turned over Marcin’s remains and some evidence of their investigation over to the Arbites for additional follow-up implicating the Adeptus Mechanicus and Ecclesiarchy on Donaris as possibly being involved in a conspiracy.

Additional information on the Serrated Query was not obtained but a potential valuable asset to the Revivificators’ cause was. Following their exposure to Roche’s experiments, Hadrian, Tiberius and Lysandros were inducted into in the Revivificators.

  • GM’s Note: This mission was ran with modifications from the adventure found in Fantasy Flight’s “Book of Judgement” book. It can be found here:


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