Faith and Betrayal

"Plasma Uprising"

Elements of the Heretical Cult- the Brotherhood of Malice have unleashed strikes on several locations on the planet of Sepheris Secundus, including a major Plasma Reactor on the outskirts of one of the major hive cities. While the orders of the Imperial Guard and the PDF forces were to take the plant by force, a cell of Inquisitor Volk’s Acolytes (under the direction of Interrogator Sand) were tasked to capture alive one of the senior leadership members of the Brotherhood of Malice during the battle.

After sneaking into the Reactor facility during the PDF/Imperial Guard siege, the Acolytes battle bands of cultists while searching the building for their target. They eventually happen upon their target and his entourage and a fierce battle ensues after which the Acolytes are successful in capturing Ahabenhoff, one of the cult’s senior leaders and an exceptional Telepathic psyker. Additionally, the Acolytes recover several copied pages of a heretical text called the “Librum Est Kusti,” which was thought to be lost (its last reported sighting was approx. 40-years ago access to additional matter is classified.)

  • GM’s Note: This mission was created by the GM and inspired from a visit and tour of the Hoover Dam.


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