Faith and Betrayal

"Rejoice for you are True"

The Acolytes of Cell C2 go undercover as nobles to discover the link between some of the xenos circuitry found in some of the bionics of the Churgeon and an Imperial religious cult located in Hive Sibellus, Scintilla called the “Joyous Choir.” Assistance to their cause is provided by the noble family of House Strophes who are good friends of Inquisitor Sand. The head of the house, Laurent Strophes, wants the Inquisition’s assistance investigating the disappearance of his niece who joined the “Joyous Choir.” The Acolytes’ investigation gives them insight into the corruptness and debauchery of the Scintilla nobility and they are only able to secure an invitation to one of the Choir’s exclusive meetings after Xerxes seduces an influential noble woman that is ranking-member of the Choir.

With invitation in hand, Xerxes and Jonas are received at the Joyous Choir’s Alabaster Court and their they meet the Choir’s leader, Caros Shoal, and are also introduced to a mysterious drug called “Farcosia.”Theodosia big

Further investigation reveals that elements within the “Joyous Choir” work for an organization called the “Serrated Query.” Lead by a deadly cyborg named “Theodosia,” elements of the “Serrated Query” have been using the “Joyous Choir” as a front for kidnapping psykers. These psyker are then transported to “Ambulon,” the Walking City, and processed into the drug Farcosia, which is then sold to the nobility for major profit.

The Acolytes initiated a full assault on the Query’s holdings on Ambulon and while they succeeded in elminating the Query’s operatives (including Theodosia) and shutting down the drug processing lab, this was not without cost as the Cell members were severly injured and their esteemed warrior and faithful Guardsman, Strang, was killed in action- selling his life dearly against the Emperor’s enemies. His sacrifice was not in vain as he succeeded in wounding Theodosia enough so that the rest of his party could dispatch him.

Additional inquires will need to be made regarding the “Serrated Query.”

  • GM’s Note: This mission was ran as written from Fantasy Flight’s “Purge the Unclean” book by T.S. Luikhart. It can be found here:


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