Faith and Betrayal

"Shades on Twilight"

The Acolytes of Cell C2 are urgently dispatched to board a massive Spacehulk that has been designated as “Twilight” that recently materialised into realspace and investigate the meaning of a distress beacon that is coming from the hulk- a distress beacon that is displaying the call sign that belongs to Inquisitor Adorjin, an Inquisitor that vanished six centuries ago. Time is Alikhari450cof the essence though, as the Spacehulk is on a collision course with the planet of Scintilla, the sector’s capital planet, and the Imperial Navy plans on destroying the hulk before it impacts the planet.

Initially sent to investigate the beacon and recover Adorjin’s sword, the Luminious Reproach, the Acolytes, with the assistance of Brother-Sergeant Agamorr, a Space Marine from the Hammers of Retribution Chapter working as a member of the Deathwatch, discover that there is something else strange taking place on the Twilight. Harrassed by foul creatures of the warp, spirits of long dead humans, and members of the vicious xenos race known as the Dark Eldar, the Acolytes are in a fight for survival to complete their mission before the clock runs out.

Eventually the Acolytes’ investigation leads them to the hull of one of the Inquisition’s infamous Black Ships that is embedded inside of the massive Spacehulk. This is also where they encounter, and agree to form a makeshift alliance with, another group of Acolytes working for a rival Inquisitor, Inquisitor Soldevan, with the same mission. Inside the Black Ship the Acolytes learn of Adorjin’s fate, the fate of the ship’s crew, and recover two important artifacts of the late Inquisitor- the Luminous Reproach and a copied of the highly valued “Liber Daemonica” (the book of the Grey Knights).

Unfortunately, the Dark Eldar are interested in these artifacts as well and launch a massive attack into the holds of the Black Ship to take them from the Acolytes. The battle brings several of the Acolytes and their allies on the verge of death, and only with the martial prowess of Brother-Sergeant Agamorr did they manage to escape with their lives from the Dark Eldar and the disintegrating spacehulk.
In the end, the Acolytes only managed to recover the Luminous Reproach; the Liber Daemonica had been secured by the Dark Eldar with the assistance of one of the Acolytes from the rival search party- a man named Forden who was a double agent working for the Serrated Query. The whereabouts of the traitor and the book, as well as the reasons for the dark kin’s interest in the book, are unknown.

  • GM’s Note: This mission was ran with modifications from Fantasy Flight’s “Purge the Unclean” book by T.S. Luikhart. It can be found here:


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