Faith and Betrayal

"Shattered Hope"

Inquisitor Volk has newly recruited and established aWarhammer chaos army attack cell of Acolytes and in their first Trial by Fire, has tasked them with investigating and eradicating the threat that has taken hold of the place on the planet of Sepheris Secundus know as the “Shatters,” an important mining site whose mineral exports are valuable to the planet’s economy. A cult, known as the Brotherhood of Malice has orchestrated a series of attacks on the “Shatters” and a force of Imperial Guard has been sent in to quash the rebellion.

The Imperial Guard, led by Commissar Nihilius, has made great strides in supressing the uprising, but their advance has stalled near the Gorgonid Mine where Guardsmen have been attacked by a power with definate Chaos influence.

The Acolytes’ investigation of a section of the Gorgonid Mine revealed many horrors, such as mass mutations and psychic phenomena, that seemed to have been caused by a strange glowing stone that was embedded in the walls of one of the Mine carverns. Upon destruction of the stone, the Chaos taint in the Mine appeared to have lifted and the Guard were able to cleanse the rest of the Mine from the Cultist threat.

  • GM’s Note: This mission was ran with modifications from Fantasy Flight’s free demo adventure by Rob Schwalb. It can be found here.


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