Brother G'heirnat- Apothecary and Chaplain

Deathwatch Chaplain and Apothecary from the Black Templar


Recruited from the ranks of the Black Templar, Brother G’heirnat continues his chapter’s eternal crusade now under the mantle of the Deathwatch. His sole purpose is to minister to his wounded brothers and to ensure the purity of their gene-seed.

Weapon Skill: 52
Ballistic Skill: 44
Strength: 40 11
Toughness: 40 8
Agility: 42
Intelligence: 52
Perception: 46
Will Power: 45
Fellowship: 43

Wounds: 22
Fate Points: 3
Insanity Points: 5
Corruption Points: 3
Renown: 42
Armor: MK 7 “Aquila” (AC 10/8) (Armor History: “Thy strength be legend” +10 Strength)

- Astarte Bolter: Fire Selector (Godwyn Pattern)
- Astarte Bolt Pistol
- Astarte Combat Knife
- Astarte Frag Grenade x3
- Astarte Krak Grenade x3

- Repair Cement
- Narthecium
- Reductor
- Diagnostor Helm (Signature Wargear)

Brother G'heirnat- Apothecary and Chaplain

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