Inquisitor Herrod- Legate of the Tyrantine Cabal

Long thought dead at the hands of Nurgle Daemons, Inquisitor Herrod is very much alive though not wholly human.


A hunched figure swathed in a black cloak and hood, Herrod retains no flesh and only the thinnest semblance of humanity. His face is a death mask of yellow flesh pulled over steel and brass, while his voice is a nightmare patchwork of phonic sounds gathered from recordings of the Inquisitor’s voice before he died for the first time.


Inquisitor Herrod is a cybernetically resurrected monster who serves as part of the secret inner circle of the Tyrantine Cabal. Once a handsome, energetic and brilliant Inquisitor who was held in high esteem by his peers, and known as a master swordsman who often used his signature Lathe Blades. That vibrant and dashing Herrod is now long dead, and most within the Holy Ordos think that he perished utterly at the hands of Nurgle’s Vile Savants. In truth, however, Herrod lives: through the patronage of hidden masters within the Adeptus Mechanicus what little of him that remained was given the blessing of a resurrection to a second life of metal, pistons and gears.

Inquisitor Herrod- Legate of the Tyrantine Cabal

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