Brother Dante's Personal Log: 2 "Chaos Theory"

Uplink Established….

Origin: Brother Dante, Ordo Xenos : Stoic Judgment, Jericho Reach

Destination: Brother Ashton, 2nd Company : Khazant, Jericho Reach


The outline of a giant, black armored figure comes into view. It is difficult to make out specific details of the man due to the low lighting in the small room. What is obvious is that he is hunched over the recorder in a clear hurried state.

Begin recording:

“Honoured Brother, it has been too long.” The voice is heavy with the weight of time but keen as well, as if kept sharp by both battles of the mind and body. “I pray the Emperor’s light shines down on you during all your endeavors.”

The figure cautiously glances around before leaning in closer.

“Your reports regarding the Perihelion were accurate, my Brother. Be it luck or the Emperor’s guidance, my kill team Brothers and I were charged with the evacuation of the station during the recent Tyranid attack. Although there were some casualties, we were successful in our mission but at a great cost. Both Brother G’heirnat and Brother Angelos were left aboard the doomed station to face the oncoming horde alone.”

The voice abruptly stops as loud footsteps echoed around the hallway outside the door. Shadows passed through the room as the voices of several men flew through the air. Within seconds the voices had faded and the sounds of the footsteps grew fainter. After a brief pause, the voice resumed.

“Already I have overheard Brother Vectis speak of our return to the Perihelion. Although he has been met with nothing but criticism and objection from Lieutenant Stelmark and Magus Lomer, he continues to push for a rescue attempt. I swear, Brother, his zealous aptitude rivals that of Master Sammual himself. I am privileged to have the honour to serve by his side.”

“With or without the consent of our hosts, I believe the remnants of my team will ultimately regroup and ship out shortly. I already have word that our Lirbrarian is on his way to our location. Once he arrives, I do not believe the entire Imperial Navy herself could stand before our might and will.”

“I shall return with them and face down the horde without a moment’s hesitation. Like the great Lion himself, I shall gladly give my life against the enemies of the Emperor for the safety of my Brothers. If you do not hear from me again, know that I died with honour alongside my Brothers and the corpses of my enemies.”

The figure reaches out to complete the transmission but pauses momentarily. He looks at the screen for a moment in silence before he taps the recorder and the picture goes blank.

Recording Complete


Transmission Complete

Brother Dante's Personal Log: 2 "Chaos Theory"

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