Dossier - Severn Williams

Severn williams dossier
Target Name: Severn Williams

Known Aliases: “Zookeeper”, “The Number-Cruncher”, “Extreme Love-Machine”-Reference needed

Contract: Unknown -Classified

Target Status: Eliminated

Location: Erenvor, Karrik (Death World) Hadblock #224, Unit 3

Description: 5’9", 125 Lbs , Male , Lanky Build , Pasty-White Skin

Works as a low level supervisor and accountant in the town’s power-utility building. Unmarried and known to be a recluse in his personal life.

Bio: A lonely and perverted individual fed up with the pious lifestyle of Erenvor’s citizens, he seeks to create anarchy and chaos with lewd acts of perversion, sodomitic behavior, and uncouth group activities. Using unparalleled charisma along with rumored brainwashing techniques (Not unlike a cult leader) he has convinced a number of the town’s citizenship to join him in his unclean endeavors. To prevent total catastrophic anarchy from breaking out, this individual must be culled from the populace immediately.

Notes: Under cover of a large scale blizzard, infiltrated an off-planet surveying crew sent by the Imperial Core of Engineers and made supplemental contact with target. Witnessed target and a number of ‘companions’ engaging in lewd orgy parties in which they would systematically dress up in gross disfigured costumes and incorporate long tentacle-like pleasure devices in the vile acts.

Initial reports will indicate target’s domicile had an unfortunate gas leak which lead to its destruction along with the target. Unfortunately, due to the malfunction in the power grid caused by the storm along with other unforeseen circumstances, the planets orbital defense system overloaded and caused a series of unplanned orbital bombardments which resulted in the deaths of all of the targets known provocateurs.

Quickly fled planet still in disguise once all uncouth individuals touched by target’s influence had been removed from the public. Contract closed.

Payment: Paid in full Signed: Rylak

Rylak closed the screen on his data pad and leaned back into the warm deli chair he was seated in. He had no qualms falsifying reports when it suited him to do so, as far as he was concerned it was only untrue if someone actually managed to prove it false. Around him the crowded streets of Demaree, a village on the planet of Hilarion, teemed with life as multitudes of citizens wandered the market looking for goods and services.

He slowly cut into the flesh of a bright orange, allowing the juice to drip down his hand as he kept his eyes forward, scanning the crowd which rushed by him. Across the street, a large man yelled out at passers by, offering them beautiful handcrafted goods at a cheap price. Rylak sat in silence, listening to the man’s deep voice echoing around the crowded street as he had been doing for nearly an hour now.

His eyes flashed in anticipation as a young girl, not more than sixteen, approached the man and uttered a single phrase:

“Do you have the time?” There was a noticeable silence as the man stopped shouting and looked at the young girl. Rylak recognized the pass phrase, the ‘contact’ he had made earlier had informed him of it. Without a word, the two of them stepped away from the stall and headed to a nearby alleyway. Rylak sheathed his knife and slowly stood up. There would be no need to falsify things this time.

The only sound made as he dissipated into the flowing crowd, quickly following his targets into the blackened alleyway, was the small clink of coins rolling around on he deli table and the inaudible grunt of the waiter who looked around in confusion, convinced a man had been seated there not five seconds ago.

Dossier - Severn Williams

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