"The Warren"

In their first mission as Acolytes of the Inquisition, the members of Inquisitor Sand’sCell15: “Razor Cell” are sent to the once glorious world of Sinophia in order to locate a missing Acolyte of Inquisitor Sand- a demolitions expert and ex-ganger named Gesiman Malkin. Fortunately, one of their members, the Assassin named Valen, is from Sinophia and able to guide his teammates through the capital city of Sinophia Magna. After investigating Malkin’s residence and making inquiries with the local Arbitrators, including a meeting with the second-ranking Arbitrator on the planet, Arbitrator Adjutant Fihad Constantine, the Acolytes are able to determine that Maklin took on a private contract to demolition a mansion on the Ramsus family Estate- an long established noble family that has since fallen on rough times.

Investigation of the decrepit, seemingly abandoned, Ramsus mansion gives the Acolytes an uneasy feeling. They hear strange noises coming from the woods surrounding the estate and inside the mansion itself they begin to hear ghostly sounds and see things that demonstrate that the Ramsus family had been involved in the worship of the dark powers.
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In the cellar of the mansion, the Acolytes finds the remains of what they believe is Maklin, which consists of only a blood stain, the tattered remnants of clothing and a set explosive charges. Two secret passages are discovered in the house that lead to underground catacombs below. These dark passages are filled with the bloody remains and bones of humans and animals and it’s not long before the presence of the Acolytes draws the attention of the catacomb’s The dark cave by lady lemondropdenizens- small corrupted humanoids with pale-red skin, sharp teeth and claws and facial features similar to canines. These frenzied frothing humanoids ambush and attack the Acolytes everywhere they go but the Acolytes are undeterred and continue their investigation in the catacombs.

Eventually the Acolytes are confronted by a strange man named Pottius who identifies himself as a member of the Ramsus family and explains to the Acolytes that his family had worshipped the Chaos powers and that these powers have warped his family members into the strange humanoids that the Acolytes have been fighting. Taking the Acolytes to a cavern containing an altar, the Acolytes see the true nature of Pottius who transforms into a daemonic creature before their eyes- Preatus is so overwhelmed with fear that he is frozen in terror before the large red-colored canine daemon.

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A fierce melee breaks out between the Acolytes, the daemon-possessed Pottius and a few of theRamsus family. The mighty daemon comes close to killing Preatus and Maximus who stand against the monster while Lysandros faces off against a group of degenerate Ramsus family members. The timely arrival of Arbitrator Constantine wielding a combat shotgun severely wounds Pottius and Maximus is able to deal the death blow to the distracted daemon when it turns its attention to the Arbitrator Adjutant.

Briefed on the Acolytes’ true employer, and purpose on Sinophia, Constantine offers the services of the Arbites to cleanse the rest of the Ramsus estate and to provide the Acolytes with medical attention. The Ramsus estate is burned to the ground and the family’s only known sole survivor, Constus Portier (who was adopted after the death of his mother) is located and questioned about his family history. So far there is no evidence that Constus is tainted or aware of his family’s dark practices.

"The Warren"

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